Every business owner’s worst nightmare is not having your computer work! A month ago, my hard drive crashed. My computer would not start or operate. I panicked in the height of my busy season with PR and Marketing deadlines looming ahead for clients. I had no way of getting the work done! My Dell service contract was useless along with my cloud system. Immediately, I contacted Ilan Sredni, President of Palindrome Consulting. He could not have been more soothing, professional, and accommodating. I am technically challenged, so his responsiveness was extremely reassuring and appreciated. Palindrome Consulting’s staff was exceptionally knowledgeable and courteous. They had to back up ALL of my “VALUABLE BUSINESS INFORMATION,” which was no easy feat with a defective hard drive and years of information. In no time flat they fixed my computer, got my information back and upgraded my entire computer system. It was up, running, like new and working better than it ever had before. Most importantly, I was able to get back to work to meet my deadlines. I am eternally grateful for the excellent professional service my business received from Palindrome Consulting. I now understand first-hand why their slogan is “Delivering Peace of Mind so Business Owners Can Sleep at Night.” They turned a disastrous situation into a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Palindrome Consulting’s professional expertise and customer service as a direct result of my experience from dealing with them.

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