Why are Strategic Partners an Important Things to Look for in An IT Support Team?

When a Fort Lauderdale company begins a search for a reliable IT support team, there are many factors to consider. Managed IT Services providers excel at providing the support services that Fort Lauderdale companies need. Their area of expertise is optimizing technology tools for their clients.

Hardware and software acquisition is where strategic partnerships with the leading technology vendors come into play. Strong vendor relationships allow IT support companies like Palindrome Consulting to maintain access to the latest and greatest technology offerings to provide their valued Fort Lauderdale customers with cutting edge IT solutions for their industry.

Five Questions Palindrome Consulting Considers in Screening Potential Strategic Partners

  1. Does the potential supplier have a good track record?
  2. Does this company stand behind their products?
  3. Are this company’s products suited to our clients’ needs?
  4. Have these products been tested and proven to be reliable?
  5. Are the products affordable for our clients?


Palindrome Consulting’s Strategic Partnerships Allow Us to Source the Best Solutions for Our Customers

The strength of Palindrome Consulting’s vendor relationships is what allows us to take our service and support offerings to the next level. To continue to provide our clients with only the best IT products and services, it’s vital for us to restrict our strategic partnerships to companies who share our vision.

To accomplish our goals, we endeavor to provide each of our valued Fort Lauderdale clients with technical advice that is free from any bias that comes with loyalty to any specific vendor. Instead, we direct our clients toward the best of the best in each technology arena. This allows us to sample from the best technology available on the market today to make the best choices for our customers’ IT needs.

Who Are Palindrome Consulting’s Strategic Partners?


  • Sophos
  • Meraki
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Star2Star Communications


Does Palindrome Consulting Have an Industry Certifications or Areas of Technical Expertise?

When a Fort Lauderdale business is investing their hard-earned dollars into IT support, it is critical that they have confidence in the company they have selected. Palindrome Consulting has taken great care in sourcing highly qualified staff members with the technical expertise and business acumen to address all of our valued Fort Lauderdale customers most pressing technology issues.

To serve the public in cybersecurity and to connect with local business, we are proud members of the following organizations:

  • The FBI InfraGard
  • The Secret Services electronic crimes task force
  • The Broward County Chamber of Commerce
  • JH

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