Bill of Rights for Palindrome Clients

The right to be listened to: We believe that clients should be listened to so needs and expectations can be determined and met. Computer consulting is a partnership between the advisor and the client. If someone starts out by talking to you, or trying to sell you something, it means that they are not listening to you and will never satisfy your needs.

The right to see a clear description of all charges with no hidden fees: We provide complete consistency across our quote, service contract and monthly invoice.

The right to access your data anytime, anywhere: We understand that YOU own your data, so we provide easy access to it 24–7–365.

The right to 99.99-percent uptime of your services: We utilize independent, third-party specialists to monitor the availability of our services to ensure optimal uptime.

The right to data security, both in transit and at rest: We work with clients to determine their desired level of data security and safeguard it from unauthorized access and tampering.

The right to e-discovery and audit support: We provide advanced search tools and all necessary certifications to help you quickly respond to any audit or e-discovery request.

The right to escalate your concerns if you feel that your needs are not being met: We encourage you to contact our executive team if your needs are not met via our normal support channels.

The right to have that people you prefer to work with you: We encourage you to communicate with us in regards to which engineer is assigned to your account.  They have to be a great fit, technically and personally.

The right to an update or resolution on service requests within 24 hours: We deliver 90-percent first-call resolution and promise to keep you updated until your issue is resolved.

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