Best of Both Worlds

IT support used to be in person; someone came to your desk. Then, remote tools improved. Now an IT staffer can access your screen from anywhere, sometimes even without your permission. Palindrome brings back the friendly deskside IT Support and infuses it with modern, efficient, user-consented Remote Support.


Face-to-face contact facilitates relationship building. By having staff perform site visits, they become an extended member of the team. This builds confidence in your IT Team. Having an IT Support person at your desk allows them to understand how the issue affects work output. This inspires a higher level of accountability in the IT team.

Hardware Installs and Repairs

With the prevalence of Remote Support, users are often expected to do some of their own hardware maintenance. A voice on the phone may tell you to check the cables or to remove and reseat the printer toner. This is wasting staff time under the guise of IT Support. For installs, hardware might be shipped, and then staff must set it up themselves. Once again, this is time wasted. Far better to have an IT Team who will visit so they can do the entirety of their job, rather than taking staff members focus from their own work, the work that drives your business.

Software Implementation

Big software implementations are a stressful time. Things can go wrong. If they do, you want someone on the floor who can help, rather than someone on the end of a phone line.

While You Are Here

While onsite, IT staff inevitably do additional jobs to those raised. When IT Support is visible, staff remember those niggly issues they have, and often they can be resolved on the spot. This is both an efficient use of time, and a morale boost for staff.

Change is constant, and nowhere more so than in IT. Remote Support is the standard model right now. Palindrome does not mindlessly follow the status quo. We see the benefits of a mix of Remote and Onsite Support. Let us show you the advantage that a mixture of on-site and remote service can be to your business.


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