Cybersecurity Strategies For Organizations In South Florida

As a healthcare facility, you understand the importance of protecting the privacy and health of your patients, but are your tech tools letting you down?  

In a time when private health-related information is available for sale on the dark web for upwards of $1,000 per record, it’s not surprising that healthcare organizations are at an extremely high risk of attack from cybercriminals. Technology is nearly ubiquitous with healthcare, from connected devices such as heart monitors and FitBits to laptops used by clinicians to quickly access patient data. Portals chock-full of sensitive or confidential patient information are extremely helpful for patients, but could easily be seen as a massive target by cyber terrorists looking for their next major haul of illicit information. Nearly 9 in 10 office-based physicians have now adopted electronic health records, making these detail-rich records an ever-present challenge for healthcare organizations.

The Impact of Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

Healthcare is in the midst of a digital transformation, with organizations quickly adopting and then often letting go of business processes that don’t prove to provide the expected value. With this dizzying speed of change, it’s not surprising that healthcare entities are often struggling to maintain a high degree of security in the face of overwhelming change, but it’s vital to ensure that your cybersecurity strategies and processes keep pace with these flexible new solutions for healthcare technology. Clinicians increasingly rely on the information that they receive from connected medical devices to form a basis for their diagnosis, a trend that is unlikely to reverse itself anytime soon.

Introduction of New Technologies Causes Concerns for IT Healthcare Professionals

Artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices are all causing concerns for IT professionals in the healthcare industry, and for good reason. The need for near-instant access to detailed diagnostic information and robust systems means your wired and WiFi network must be extremely fast — and incredibly secure. Each connected device presents an opportunity for data loss or infiltration of your business systems, and these products are notorious for being behind the times in terms of software updates. Even a simple smart TV could be all a motivated hacker needs to gain access to confidential medical data. You need to know that each stage of your organization’s technology has been tested and secured to protect against attacks that are costing upwards of $1.4 million per incident when you consider the full costs of recovery.

Cybersecurity Services In South Florida

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