Where Can I Find an IT Support Team that Can Fortify My Networks with Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions?

With cybercriminal activity on the rise, today’s businesses are more at risk than ever before. A critical part of every business’ cybersecurity protection strategy should include vulnerability testing and state of the art protocols to protect their data, ward off threats, and maintain industry regulatory compliance.

Palindrome Consulting takes great pride in our innovative approach to data security to assist our clients with achieving a robust security environment to protect their IT infrastructure and enhance business operations.

Five Reasons Every Business Needs Strong Cybersecurity

  • Cybercriminals like to target small to mid-size businesses.
  • Cybercriminals work tirelessly.
  • Compliance violations are expensive and sometimes cause irreparable harm to a business.
  • Cloud solutions require fortified security measures for adequate protection.
  • Proactive cybersecurity protocols are better and safer than reactive measures.

What Can I Expect from Cybersecurity Services from Palindrome Consulting?

Palindrome Consulting provides its valued customers with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions. We implement proactive protocols to detect then eliminate portals of vulnerability long before they can ever become exploited by a sophisticated cybercriminal.

Among the strategies we employ for our clients are:

  • The Proprietary Palindrome Security Assessment

 First, we evaluate your company’s security and privacy against a set of globally recognized standards and best practices. Among the areas we cover are access controls, security governance, business continuity, application security, and more. This assessment provides businesses with a complete itemization of their security issues and recommendations for enhanced security measures.

  • Penetration Testing

Our highly skilled security technicians will use state of the art techniques and tools to detect each company’s internal and external vulnerabilities to cyber threats. By simulating an ongoing cyber-attack, this test provides valuable insight into technical issues that could be exploited and result in a data breach. At the conclusion of the test, Palindrome Consulting will provide a written report summarizing the vulnerabilities identified, the threat level, and the remediation steps.

  • Security Plan Development

We’ll establish a secure foundation for each organization’s security by outlining and implementing best-practice cybersecurity policies and procedures. By using a comprehensive, holistic approach, the Palindrome team will review existing policies (or start from scratch) and design the ideal security plan with regulatory, legal, and technical requirements in mind.

  • Managed Security Services

Our comprehensive security monitoring and management platform utilizes cutting-edge technology administered by our security experts. Designed to improve our clients’ overall security presence, our portfolio of services includes 24/7 monitoring, automated patch management, anti-virus & malware protection, web content protection, and content filtering.

  • Data Breach/Incident Response

Ready at a moment’s notice, our team of incident response specialists will investigate, contain, and repair a data breach. We’ll preserve the evidence, perform post-incident analysis of the breach, and provide analysis of the incident, as well as recommendations for enhancing data security moving forward.

  • Security Awareness Training

A business’ employees can be a company’s biggest security liability or a valuable first defense against a cyberattack. Our security awareness training will provide each team with the tools and techniques to more easily identify cyber threats (like phishing emails or social engineering attacks)as well as ongoing tracking of compliance and awareness through continued blind testing (i.e. fake phishing emails.) This training program both raises the understanding of potential risks and teaches a company’s employees how to avoid these risks to keep their data, systems, and networks more secure.


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