How Does IT Consulting Help My Fort Lauderdale-based Business?

While your employees may have the basic IT skills to install and run your IT infrastructure in its early stages, they may not have the expertise and know-how to do so when things become complex.

This will leave your business struggling to compete with companies that have their IT sorted out.

Here’s what Palindrome Consulting can help your Fort Lauderdale business with:

  • Budgeting IT expenses
  • Planning and executing IT projects
  • Supervising the IT side of expansions, re-modeling, and facility moves
  • Helping companies manage IT budgets
  • Providing up-to-date advice on IT matters and how they affect the company
  • Determining workflow that can be automated
  • Setting up remote workers around the world and instituting satellite locations
  • Determining efficiencies and synergies to be gained from proper integration
  • Network audits
  • Regular scans to detect security issues
  • Weekly on-site visits

Our consulting solutions help you achieve seamless growth and improved synergies while helping you avoid the pitfalls and vulnerabilities that your business faces on a regular basis.

What Are the Benefits of IT Consulting Services?

Every business is different – but the benefits of Palindrome’s IT consulting services remain the same.

  • Cost savings. Our services are designed to give you the maximum flexibility to save on expenses and manage costs – without sacrificing quality.
  • Access to expertise. Working with us gives you access to our highly-trained team’s technical expertise that will benefit you, your in-house teams, and your consultants.
  • Increased focus. We take full ownership of your IT problems so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.
  • Decrease downtime. We monitor your systems on a 24x7x365 basis to stop the cause of downtime – before it even happens.
  • Full ownership. We work as an extension of your IT team that takes full responsibility for the technology infrastructure that we are tasked to monitor, fix, and maintain, taking ownership of the problems your technology infrastructure encounters on a daily basis.
  • Maximize ROI. You want to get the maximum return on your technology investments – but you won’t get this without having the technical consulting skills of Palindrome.

Does my Fort Lauderdale Business Need IT Consulting Services from Palindrome?

Regardless of how large or how small your company is, you’ll want your most pressing IT issues addressed.

Palindrome offers high-level IT consulting services to businesses that face the following problems:

  • How can I streamline and automate my business systems?
  • How could acquiring new technology improve my business?
  • How can my business benefit from constant IT support and management?
  • How do I understand how this particular technology works in layman’s terms?
  • How do I improve my infrastructure’s security?

Palindrome leverages decades of experience to help you come up with the right decision for the IT needs of your business – regardless of its complexity – so you can focus on what matters most for your business: the bottom line.

What Options Does Palindrome Consulting Offer Fort Lauderdale Businesses?

  • IT Consulting as Part of Full-Suite Managed IT Services. Our comprehensive managed IT services suite is available on a subscription basis for a flat-rate fee such that your business achieves the optimal IT working environment. We also provide clients the pivotal information and KPIs they need to make big business and IT decisions.
  • IT Consulting “A-La-Carte.” This option is for businesses who want our expert IT consulting on a time-plus-materials basis, perfectly suited to clients with in-house IT teams who require project management expertise.


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